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Jupiter & Venus Conjunction - June 24, 2015

Peaking at the Planets

Jupiter and Venus are gearing up for a close encounter on the night of June 30th. Or perhaps they will be closest on the night of July 1st? I’ve seen sources cite both dates, but it all depends on where you’re located. Either way you can see them approaching one another in the night sky throughout the rest of June.

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Moon, Venus, and Mars Conjunction at Sunset - February 20th, 2015

Moon, Venus, and Mars Conjunction

The Moon, Venus, and Mars converged in the night sky on February 20th, 2015. I took the long journey to the parking lot behind my work for some front row seats to the spectacular show.

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Animal Kingdom Florida - Gorilla Stare Down

The Stare Down

Who’s going to back down first…me or the gorilla? I’m not sure who won, but I’m glad I was on the other side of the glass!

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